As an owner of both residential and commercial property in town, I know what land is worth. I know that being given land is a good thing. If the Town of Westport is, as it seems, happy to give 10 percent of the Baldwin parking lot to David Waldman to site the Kemper Gunn house, then I want in on the action.

I fully support the proposal if I, too, can move an old building (I've got one) to the parking lot and lease it to a mom-and-pop restaurant owner (I know some folks). If the KG house takes up 10 percent, plus another 10 percent for parking, then I guess I'd need the same.

I realize that pretty soon there will be no parking, but free land is too good to pass up, a free 99-year lease is the same to me. I realize this sounds too good to be true: Giving me free land to preserve an old, iconic building to be operated as a small business.

But obviously, if this is the policy of the town, then my request has equal merit to Waldman's right? I'll even construct a new building on my soon-to-be-empty lot.

Ann Brady