My family moved to Westport several years ago because of the uniqueness of the town, its special, smart community and outstanding school district. I met Jennifer Tooker shortly thereafter on the soccer field sidelines, and was so impressed that I voted to elect her to the Board of Education. Jennifer's party affiliation didn't bear weight on my decision, as I do not vote blindly for a party, but for the right person. Jennifer Tooker gained my vote because she is strikingly intelligent with a track record of outstanding professional achievements and community involvement.

Jennifer Tooker is the intelligent choice for the upcoming election for our Board of Finance. The majority of our tax dollars funds Westport's exceptional schools -- keeping the competitive edge and excellence of our schools while maintaining fiscal responsibility is crucial for our town's continued success. Jennifer is the only candidate with experience on the BOE. Her 20-plus successful years as an executive with a global financial company made her an expert at managing intricate budgets and long-term planning. This combined experience in both the financial and the education sectors, paired with community leadership, have armed Jennifer will the unique skills to identify operational efficiencies and protect the long term financial health of Westport without any compromise to the quality of our schools or Westport's quality of life.

On Nov. 5, please join me in choosing the right person: elect Jennifer Tooker to the Board of Finance.

Armelle Daniels