To the Editor:

Tina Wessel, the recently deceased community member who lived in a shed near the Senior Center, had been a frequent patron of the Westport Library during the time I worked there. She loved reading and would usually purchase paperback books for fifty cents and take them with her to read in her place nearby. Tina always had a smile for me and sometimes a word of advice. She knew when something needed attention and wasn’t hesitant to let me know. I appreciated the fact that she watched out for a place that meant so much in her life.

Tina sometimes had a hard time interacting with others and when those times occurred, I had to let her know that we would deliver her paperbacks in the parking lot. She understood. And the wonderful staff of the Westport Library knew exactly what she liked and delivered them to her with the same caring manner they would if she were in the library itself.

Tina was fortunate to live in a community that cared about her. And the community was fortunate to learn from Tina Wessel. I invite you to join me in giving a donation to the Westport Library in memory of her and in honor of the caring staff who serve everyone no matter where they sleep at night.

Maxine Bleiweis