All of us at the Mohonk Children's Services would like to thank Westport and Weston for their support in our effort to bring 2,000 pounds of household supplies and clothes to the Philippines.

During the Nov. 8 typhoon, many families lost loved ones, and many more lost absolutely everything they owned.

We would like you to know that the old dishes and glassware, the well-used silverware, the clothes and shoes will put the warmest and most appreciative smile on the face of each person who gets some of theese supplies.

I have been there, and it is hard to communicate in words what a bowl or a pot, a used pair of shoes can do to the heart and spirit of a mother or father who have little or nothing of their own anymore. It is something we often take for granted, but with these efforts it is so nice, once again, to know that we have made the world a little better.

David Singer, director

Mohonk Children's Services