Thank you to everyone who made April 28's inaugural Westport Mini Maker Faire an off-the-charts success. Every one of our goals and metrics was exceeded.

This was truly a community event; the community showed incredible support for the event and deserves credit for its success.

First, many thanks to CLASP Homes and its board, who as part of their 30th anniversary, agreed to produce this event.

Second, huge thanks to the Westport Public Library for its partnership in creating this -- specifically, Bill Derry, who served as my co-chair, Joan Hume, Marcia Logan and Maxine Bleiweis, who not only shared the vision of the Maker Faire but were instrumental to the success of the faire. Dozens of library staff also gave of their time to handle the thousands of details that made the event successful.

Third, the approximately 50 people on the Maker Faire Organizing Committee who, inch-by-inch, moved this project forward on an aggressive three-month schedule. While too numerous to thank individually here, this was the team that made it all happen. From finding makers, to social media, to putting signs up, to creating the materials and organization for the faire, then being there for the faire, this group did a herculean job.

Fourth, the sponsors were essential to the Maker Faire success. While there were many sponsors, I want to give special recognition to the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club who donated the majority of the funding for this event. Not only is Rotary's financial support important, but their inspiration for how the Maker Faire can benefit our community will help ensure enduring value.

Fifth, thank you to all of the makers who attended. More than 60 maker groups participated, and these are the people who make the Maker Faire interesting. Whether the makers were in the tent, along the Saugatuck River, in the library's McManus room, the Great Hall or the Childrens' Library, these makers truly provided something for everyone.

Sixth, thank you to all of the attendees. We were expecting a manageable group of about 800 people. More than 2,000 people showed up! Yet, the energy and interest ensured this event was as smooth as could be.

Seventh, thank you the town organizations that helped make this happen. From the First Selectman's office, to the Police, Fire, Parks & Recreation, Board of Education, Conservation Department and more, every department was supportive and accommodating and helped to ensure a safe and pleasant event.

The best part of the event for me was to see the incredible interest in the wide variety of creative talent that was on display, the inspiration that the attendees expressed and their interest in being involved made all the efforts worthwhile.

One final thanks to my family who hasn't seen much of me over the past three months. I love you Kim, Nicole and Nick.

Mark Mathias

Founder and co-chairman

Westport Mini Maker Faire