To the Editor:

After two straight weeks of working on the Blues, Views and BBQ and the Slice of Saugatuck and creating the inaugural Dog Festival earlier in the summer, I want to take a moment and thank the employees and the department heads that run the Town of Westport.

These large events would not be possible without the collaboration of the town. Whether it’s road barriers and infrastructure from Steve Edwards and Public Works, beautiful fields and logistical support from Jen Fava and Parks and Rec., security and a brand new parking lot just opened in Saugatuck from Foti Koskinas and the police, expedited health permits from Mark Cooper and the Health Department, or even weather analysis, safety tips and support from Andrew Kingsbury and the Fire Department — it is their attention to detail and their willingness to help which makes things happen. They and their staff are the behind-the-scenes engine that ensures we all have a good and safe time.

Most of them don’t live in Westport, but they take care of the town and us as if they do. They treat us like neighbors and I for one am truly thankful for their time and effort.

Matthew Mandell

Executive Director, Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce