Did you know that every cell in our bodies receives and emits light at a certain frequency range --7.2 G on the light wave spectrum -- and this frequency maintains the engine of our lives?

Bio-electromagnetic fields are basic to maintaining health and for survival itself. The tipping point in toxic vs. natural death can be clearly recognized once the limits of biological tolerance to cumulative toxins, including electronic smog, are assessed. There is a devastating and costly lag in awareness of radiation toxicity, as these limits are demonstrably breached with impunity. As with smoking hazards, the roar of protest must rise to a deafening pitch before industry acknowledges the negligence.

This letter is a little squeak in that effort.

It is a source of dismay and alarm to many -- especially those hypersensitive to electromagnetic-fields -- that wired and wireless industries have increased their power output with a shocking level of ignorance and unconcern about public health and safety due to the negligence of the official investigative agencies. Therefore those who do connect the dots have as yet no official voice. According to reliable reports from professionals in related fields, their reports are good science, uncompromised by special interests.*

The telecom industry is a goliath. The public is already unquestioningly addicted to instant access to everything and everyone.

Warnings in this area must be heeded in order to confront the limits and protections for public, private and family safety. Preventive medicine developing in this area can hardly be ignored without catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, I urge everyone who reads this to consider forming and joining any available communities of dialogue on this issue ASAP.

I have attempted to alert local schools, libraries and others about the lack of oversight of public-health effects of electromagnetic fields and the need for independent investigations as other communities have done nationwide and worldwide. I anticipate that the ground swell of attention to this matter is about to burgeon exponentially, as parents and others are beginning to report their own experiences and the statistics accumulate. So far, the entire town of Westport presents itself as a WiFi hot spot, and indeed it is. As a point of pride, this might now be questioned.

So far, little is widely known or reported about the cluster of sufferers who seek for a cool spot in vain. The technological advances which have made the industry so powerful already blows most of our minds, and for some of us, this is not a euphemistic statement.

Sophie Barnes