As a current public school teacher in Fairfield County, I feel it is imperative to have at least one educator on our Westport Board of Education. We need a person who understands specifically how decisions at the Board level will realistically affect the classroom. Jeannie brings that valuable insight; we are fortunate to have her currently serving on our board.

Jeannie brings valuable experience during a time of tremendous change for our school district, given the adoption of the state mandated Common Core Standards and our own Westport 2025 initiative. Jeannie specialized in standards-based instruction as a teacher and an educational consultant, training teachers the most effective strategies to use in the classroom in order to achieve the mandated standards.

As a mother of a Staples High School junior, I want Jeannie to continue to advocate for my child's education. Her leadership in the community is much needed during this time of change in our school district. She is able to effectively communicate relevant issues impacting our children and the taxpayers within our community.

We Westporters need to keep Jeannie on the Board of Education for another term. Join me in voting for Jeannie Smith on November 5th, the educator for the Westport Board of Education.

Tara Lappa