With the national agony of partisanship fresh in our minds, I am thankful we live in a town with nonpartisan RTM -- my husband is a member. Moreover, Nov. 5 we have a unique opportunity in Westport to reject the notion of voting along party lines in favor of the Women's Line. Our ballot has 12 women and 14 men running for townwide offices.

Speaking as a senior female executive myself, having many highly qualified, intelligent, compassionate, driven, detail-oriented, connected, communicative and dedicated women running our town is compelling. They are better at working collaboratively to tackle Westport's problems, both large and small. Even though this is 2013, many of them are in town full time with greater time and energy to devote to their elected tasks as opposed to the their male opponents.

I have personal experience with five of the female candidates -- all of whom I support because each has deep and pure desires to serve Westport's best interest combined with the intelligence to do great work for all of us. They are Lisa Wexler for probate judge, Helen Garten and Melissa Kane for Selectwomen, Brett Aronow for Board of Education and Elaine Arnow for Board of Assessment Appeals. The other seven female candidates (three for school board, one for Board of Finance, two for Planning and Zoning Commission and one for Zoning Board of Appeals) deserve our careful consideration as well. On Nov. 5 please consider line "W" for Westport.

Judy Kessler