It was necessary for me to call 911 early [last] week, and Westport EMS responded.

Since I am a "senior," I am very used to younger people leaping to the conclusion (confusion?) that I am bordering on senile, demented, crotchety or nuts. However, the EMS crew that arrived could not have been more efficient, kind, patient or professional.

Regretfully I did not get all their names, but EMS will know who they are. The incident also included a Westport police officer who was equally respectful and knowledgeable. Since I was alone at the time, it meant even more in feeling they really knew what they were doing. They are terrific.

Everyone in Westport should be extremely proud of them and not hesitate to call when the need arises.

One of these days I'd like to invite them to tea.

Mary H. Whalen