I have known Sal Liccione for a number of years, and have always felt he would be an excellent addition to the RTM from District 9. Over the last 18 months and while chairman of the Downtown 2020 Committee, I have come to know Sal's passion and commitment to making our downtown and our entire community better for its residents.

Sal cares not just about the downtown but the full spectrum of issues in Westport. He believes deeply in the need to improve our transit district and will continue to speak out and support the current study efforts.

His concerns about the downtown are very well thought through and he has been very active in helping to bring downtown issues to the forefront. Sal's concerns for downtown include: traffic congestion, river flooding, parking and sidewalk improvements. Because he lives in downtown he is well aware of relevant issues and is both active and passionate about making positive change happen.

In addition he has helped his neighbors in the downtown community many times during storms that have flooded our downtown area most notably during Sandy.

If I lived in District 9, I would not only be writing about why Sal would be an excellent RTM member, I would be also voting for him. I urge voters in District 9 to go to the polls on November 5th and vote for Sal Liccione.

Louis J. Gagliano


The writer resigned from the Downtown 2020 Committee in September.