As a student at Staples High School, I pass nearly 50 campaign signs on my daily drive to school. Though I will not be able to vote in this election, I believe it is imperative that I participate in the political process and learn about those seeking elected office at the municipal level. Having researched the respective platforms of many of the candidates, it seems quite clear that the citizens of Westport have a momentous decision to make this November.

In the race for probate judge, Democrat Kieran Costello is running against Republican Lisa Wexler. While Mr. Costello brings more than two decades of legal experience to the table, Ms. Wexler boasts little more than experience as a radio personality. The job of probate judge is not one that should be thrown around lightly.

Mr. Costello's work with victims of domestic violence made clear to me that he shares my values and empathy for those in need. It is my sincerest hope that the citizens of Westport will make an educated decision this fall in the election of Kieran Costello. Though I have not yet reached the voting age, I encourage eligible voters to elect a local lawyer, professor and volunteer to hold this important office.

Will Haskell