Steinberg intellect,

competence shine

Jonathan Steinberg has established a proven record as a highly competent member of the state legislature as Westport's representative in the 136th District. Like so many others in town, I feel fortunate that he speaks for us.

Jonathan values public service and knows how to solve complex problems. An articulate speaker and writer, he brings energy, enthusiasm and intellect to any task he tackles. Among his strengths is the ability to listen and ask hard questions, to cut to the core of an issue and to provide clarity of focus that leads to sensible solutions.

He is a dedicated member of legislative committees on Aging, Energy and Technology and Transportation who demonstrates an in-depth understanding of current economic, educational, environmental, energy and health issues. However, his positive impact on a broad range of decisions beyond those specific to his committees is also evident. Jonathan has been endorsed by the Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors for his ability to recognize the needs of public education in Connecticut. Our representative in Hartford has a strong commitment to "getting the job done".

A lifelong resident of Westport, Jonathan continues to have his finger on the pulse of our community, maintaining a presence at town meetings that further initiatives critical to Westport's future, even as much of his responsibility is focused at the state level.

Having seen him in action as a colleague on the Westport RTM for several years, it comes as no surprise to me that Jonathan has been able to serve his constituents so skillfully at the state level. He thinks critically and creatively to decide what is in the best interest of the people he represents in Westport and throughout the state. We need his kind of personal commitment, intelligence and political awareness to move our state forward in these challenging times. I support Jonathan Steinberg because I can't imagine more highly qualified person for the job.

Velma Heller