To the Editor:

Stomach cancer versus Lung Cancer, which would I prefer? That ridiculous question faces our nation in the 2016 presidential election. Let’s see, do I want an ignorant disgrace or an unindicted, no-character bum, lying felon as president? I am angry and disgusted and don’t understand how we got here. A relatively educated and affluent nation has chosen these two knuckleheads to lead us and the world. How did we get here? Lacking any explanation from the army of talking heads and political hacks, I wonder if it is not the result of a wannabe transformational president who upset everybody, including the greater global population, and destroyed any remnant of trust in our people’s political leadership. Is it Mr. Obama’s fault? I would frankly like to say it is, because that answer is an easy and crisp answer, but I am certain it is more complicated.

That said, I will go with easy, and say it is Mr. Obama’s fault. That decided, I see our people and the world in a tenuous place because of severe economic uncertainty and a global power vacuum being filled by every Tom, Dick and Harry that has waited until the teacher left the room to do something bad. Yes, I see societal civilization as a thin veneer just waiting to split like a ripe melon when the teacher leaves the room or an EMP destroys the power grid or the bird virus finally gets us or perhaps just something simple like a computer virus that stops shipments of food and iPhones for a couple weeks. Yes, that nice dentist family across the street will kick in your door to get what you got after their kale and herbal tea goes bad. I digress. I promise I won’t address my concerns about the zombie apocalypse.

Back to the current political season. For much of 2016, I had hope that the American people would face a good and clear choice in voting for the next leader of America and the Free World. Alas, hope is not a plan, and we are back to stomach cancer versus lung cancer. We are faced with a choice between a bad stage act and someone who makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. I feel that we are doomed. It is only America itself that gives me hope. We have gotten through so much during our existence as a nation.

We are the brightest light in human history. For all of our faults, failures and weaknesses, I believe that America is the City on the Hill and our ideals represent the best achievement in human history. It is this positive view of the American people that enables me to grit my teeth, hold my breath, pinch my nose, and participate in another peaceful change in power of humankind’s most powerful nation in history - which is, in and of itself, a truly wondrous thing.

Also, given I live in Connecticut, it does not matter who I vote for, because the state is owned by the Democratic Party and so I live in a no-angst kind of voter world.

Thomas J Kalb