"State Representative." That is what we elected Jonathan Steinberg to do for the town of Westport, and he truly brings representative skills to that job. First, whenever possible, I have seen our state representative at so many community and organization events, listening to his constituents, teaching his constituents and gathering information to take to his work in Hartford. Then, he uses that information in his role on three legislative committees: the Transportation; Energy and Technology; and Aging committees.

It is the last of these, the Committee on Aging with which I am most familiar. I have seen how, even with his busy schedule, Rep. Steinberg attends forums and programs to learn more about the numerous, complicated and important issues related to concerns of the state's and Westport's seniors. Since I participate in a number of professional and community organizations concerned with aging issues, I not only observe this participation by our state representative, I hear other professionals in this field of aging speak of him with admiration and appreciation for his help to work on legislation relating to older adults.

His political opponent has, in my estimation, none of these qualities or abilities. We must return Jonathan Steinberg to Hartford. As a Westport Republican for 47 years, I totally support this Westport Democrat for re-election.

Jeanne Franklin