Jonathan Steinberg has been a dedicated public servant and a true environmentalist. After many years on the RTM working on behalf of the community, he became our state representative for the 136th District. He has continued to work tirelessly in Hartford for the benefit of Westporters. He was there for us after hurricane Sandy, requesting FEMA support, attending local meetings and advocating for funds for the town in Hartford. Jonathan's ability to work and collaborate with other government officials culminated in the reinstatement of monies for the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants.

He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Wakeman Town Farm, volunteering each year to be a server at the annual Harvest Fest dinner and recently competing in our summer chili contest. He is always there and not afraid to get his hands dirty to help out.

Jonathan also supports initiatives to keep Long Island Sound clean and healthy for recreational use and sea life. You can count on Jonathan to jump in and get involved in anything he believes is good for Westport.

He is a true friend to our community. Please vote on Nov. 4 for Jonathan Steinberg.

Liz Milwe and Peter Wormser