I am enthusiastically supporting Jonathan Steinberg in his candidacy for State Representative and urge my fellow citizens to do likewise.

I work with the unemployed and underemployed, teaching them the skills that they need to be more effective in their job searches. I also work with the Service Corps of Retired Executives as a counselor to budding entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. My clients are among the hardest hit by the persisting financial downturn. Connecticut is among the states with the most meager job growth; starting and succeeding in a new business is extremely difficult in this environment.

That's why it is so important that the interests of these individuals be represented in Hartford by Jonathan Steinberg. Jonathan is deeply committed to improving the economic climate in Connecticut through innovative, thoughtful and collaborative initiatives. He's no "tax and spend" liberal, and he's no "my way or the highway" anti-government activist. He understands that bringing more jobs to Connecticut, and high quality jobs to our community, is a complex challenge that will require a wide variety of approaches. He understands that it may be necessary, on the one hand, to curtail popular spending programs in state government to help balance the state's budget today, and, on the other hand, to increase spending on infrastructure and education in order to improve the state's economic climate in the future.

Jonathan has done great work in his first term as a State Rep. -- but there's more to be done, and he's the right candidate to represent us and get it done.

Stanley P. Witkow