Anyone expecting to go to Hartford as a State Representative and find fame and glory -- or even pleasantries and glad-handing -- would be in for a rude shock. Fortunately for us, Jonathan Steinberg harbored no such misconceptions when he began his first term in 2010. And he's even eager to continue to represent Westport.

Jonathan's long-time business experience, coupled with his exemplary years of hard work on our representative town meeting, prepared him well for the job waiting for him in Hartford. The nitty gritty of legislating would not be everyone's idea of a good time; we're lucky that Jonathan excels at this, and is passionate about his commitment to us.

Whenever I speak to Jonathan about my particular passion -- education -- he is attentive and responsive. Whether we're talking about budgetary issues, or universal preschool, he's right in there analyzing the issue and returning to me with more information and insights.

At a time when many are bemoaning the quality of our politicians -- local, state and national -- Westport has the real deal in Jonathan Steinberg. Please join me in returning him to office on Nov. 6.

Deborah R. Rath