I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jonathan Steinberg over the last several years and was honored to co-chair with Eileen Flug his campaign for State Representative in 2010. Even though I am battling a serious illness and can not do as much as I used to, I am working on his campaign again because I believe in him.

Foremost, I believe in his integrity and his commitment to the people of Westport and Connecticut. Countless conversations, observations and experiences with Jonathan have made it clear that he is thoughtful, kind and works very hard to understand the issues and concerns of the citizens of Westport.

He asks questions and listens carefully. I could have easily begged off helping get Jonathan reelected, but it is too important and he is too good a man for me to stay at home. I proudly give 100 percent of my support to him and his candidacy for Westport's State Representative in the 136th District. Please join me in in voting for Jonathan Steinberg on Nov. 6.

Maggie Feczko