Westport is fortunate to have two really good candidates running for the 136th District House seat in the Connecticut General Assembly. I have had the pleasure of working alongside both of these individuals, and I know firsthand how much they both care deeply about our town and our state.

I am supporting Jonathan Steinberg because I believe that his experience as our representative the past four years will best help us address the transportation issues that must be resolved. Jonathan sits on both the legislature's Transportation and Finance committees; he is uniquely positioned to make a real and meaningful difference in getting the deficiencies corrected at Metro-North. He knows how vital a safe and efficient rail system is to our regional economy and to our property values, as well as our quality of life.

He has worked tirelessly to develop an expertise in this area, and Westport deserves the benefit of Jonathan's experience and knowledge to get things fixed. Of course, these issues are years in the making and will not be solved as quickly as we would all like. With Rep. Steinberg's dedicated focus on this issue, this gives us the best chance to bettering the situation. Please join me in supporting Jonathan.

Rick J. Weber

RTM Member, District 9