Almost two years ago, Jonathan Steinberg was elected State Representative, and that was good news for Westport. His experience, knowledge, commitment, and perhaps most importantly, his determination to challenge the status quo makes him a valuable and essential participant in Hartford, and representative of our community.

For example, as one of 33 freshmen, he began his term by offering up a bill to control pesticides and another to require hospitals to use check lists to reduce potentially fatal errors. Both significant and important issues.

However, as he watched other freshman select more modest issues he quickly learned that big, broad bills, no matter how well intended, don't get passed -- at least not those written by freshmen.

Many would be discouraged, but Jonathan, determined to represent our interests and challenge the status quo, won himself a much coveted role on the Energy and Technology Committee.

On this committee, he has championed efforts to transform Connecticut from a high-cost energy state to a leader in efficient alternative energy generation and energy conservation. He helped shape the landmark energy legislation passed last session. This led to the creation of the "Leading by Example" program, already paying dividends in energy savings for both state and municipal buildings.

In his role on the Select Committee on Aging, Jonathan was the only legislator who participated in the Governor's Medicaid rebalancing initiative summit. The summit brought together experts in the field to discuss the implications of the graying of Connecticut. This session, he co-sponsored legislation to further explore the implications for the state in assisting seniors to "age in place."

Jonathan is also committed to fiscal accountability and is seeking to join the legislature's Results Based Accountability group. Their objective is to take government off cruise control by continually assessing the cost-benefit of every state-funded program and department. In addition, the group will be evaluating unfunded mandates and non-productive tax incentives that are used to balance the State's budget and unfairly burden municipalities, businesses or citizens.

We need Jonathan Steinberg to represent us in Hartford. He works hard, doesn't give up, and is committed to challenging the status quo to make Ct a better place for us all. Please join me in voting for Jonathan on November 6th.

Janis Collins

Member, Westport Board

of Finance