To the Editor:

Rep. Jonathan Steinberg and Sen. Tony Hwang represent the very best examples of true bi-partisan leadership on the environment.

Both lawmakers have been exceptionally strong voices for the environmental values of their constituents. Both were leading proponents for passage of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan and for preventing “fracking” waste from entering Connecticut. Most recently, both worked tirelessly this year for a constitutional amendment to protect open space. I watched them at the Capitol every day and saw first-hand how hard they worked and how committed they are to these issues.

Tony and Jonathan have done their jobs with enthusiasm and have expertly represented the core conservation values of the residents in their districts and the state as a whole. One a Republican, one a Democrat, both working across the aisle to get good state policies enacted.

They have earned the highest endorsement of the bi-partisan CT League of Conservation Voters. I have no doubt they will continue to bring the same leadership and dedication to these issues in 2017.

Lori Brown

Executive Director of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters