Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to First Selectman Jim Marpe, and a copy provided to the Westport News for publication.

I grew up in a quiet place called Westport. The loudest thing we ever heard was the distant and comforting sound of the hunt club calling out the horse shows. It was lovely. There were horse farms behind us, and while that has changed. I hope the essential character of the town has remained. But I have stopped to wonder.

We chose the neighborhood on Washington Avenue because the kids could run around, and not worry about traffic. Great schools, and close to town. Neighbors to this day are friendly. And it was quiet, since we both work in the city, the weekends are sacrosanct.

It is a huge imposition to have to wear earplugs, and turn on the air-conditioning on a comfortable summer night because the Levitt Pavilion has their sound system too loud. It’s interfering with my peace. I know that is against the law, see here: http://definitions.uslegal.com/q/quiet-enjoyment.

My son is a musician, performs in NYC and elsewhere, and we respect and love music. However, this has to be corrected. I thought last weekend was the big blow-out — (that’s what I was told last summer at Labor Day when the sound level was such we had to move inside off our porch because it was blaring), but last night, i.e. Saturday, Aug. 22, was completely over the top.

In Winslow Park this morning, a lovely amenity of the town, everyone was talking about how intrusive the sound is.

Would you please ask the manager of the Levitt to turn it down? The sound check should include asking people about one-quarter mile away if it’s acceptable.

We have paid over $100,000 in taxes to the town of Westport over the years, and I think it’s only fair to ask for a little peace and quiet on a Saturday night .

Please advise what the law on the books says. Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call.

Thank you for your kind consideration and, in advance, for your quick action.

Lorraine Abelow