I am a social worker who makes home visits to the elderly. Most social workers are "do gooders," and I am no exception. While the National Association of Social Workers always supports Democratic candidates, I am voting for Linda McMahon.

Almost daily, I see seniors who have had to take into their home an adult child and grandchildren because the adult child has been out of work and could not afford rent or home payments. The elderly I see are typically in their 80s or 90s. This is not an easy adjustment for them or their loved ones, so often I am called in to ease the transition. I also hear from clients that they gave family members money to help out and now the elderly themselves worry they will not have enough money for their own remaining years.

Linda McMahon has built a successful entertainment business and understands how to create the jobs that Connecticut needs. With Connecticut's unemployment rate at 9 percent, well above the national average, the Democratic obsession with alleged exploitation of women and steroid use is particularly hypocritical in light of their usual support of pornography related issues, legalization of various drugs, and their embrace of the Hollywood establishment with its emphasis on sex and violence. Ms. McMahon broke no laws and created good jobs for many grateful employees.

I would not go to a doctor or lawyer with a reputation for missing appointments, and I would not vote for someone like Chris Murphy, who has been an absentee career politician. His no show record has been authenticated by the Hartford Courant. If you didn't show up 75 percent of the time for work, would you get a promotion?

I want a senator who is responsible, organized, and a successful leader. I witnessed these attributes first hand during the 2010 election when I approached Mrs. McMahon at a very busy, hectic campaign stop in Darien to complain that my son had volunteered and no one at the campaign office had followed through. She didn't pass the buck but instead wrote down the information and followed through the next day.

Furthermore, she understands that government policies supported by Mr. Murphy have kept interest rates artificially low. This has failed to stimulate the housing industry but has robbed seniors of critically needed retirement income. Besides having a plan to improve Connecticut's economy for the unemployed and middle class, she is a pro-choice, independent thinker with a record of accomplishment. And that is just what Connecticut needs.

Channe Fodeman