Our beloved Westport Weston Family Y was shuttered for about a month due to flooding from Superstorm Sandy. And nobody was more pleased when at high noon on Nov. 30 the Y, including the Stauffer pool, reopened.

In the lobby I was greeted by name by a cheering staff including Chief Executive Officer Rob Reeves, who enthusiastically announced operations were back to normal.

At about 12:10 p.m., I slipped into the pool -- officially the first swimmer to take the plunge! But as I swam I thought about the after-Sandy normal. My daughter had missed so many swim classes since Sandy that I had forgotten when exactly they were held. But what had gone on with the Y staff while the building was being pumped out, cleaned up and made safe enough to reoccupy? I can only assume that part timers -- such as the dedicated young swim staff -- got "Scrooged" by Superstorm Sandy.

The holiday season is upon us: A time to reflect and to share goodwill, and express gratitude. As such, I would like to thank the nearby YMCAs that graciously welcomed us to their facilities, as well as the Westport Y's staff, team of contractors and laborers who enabled the rapid reopening of the center.

But I would also like to thank the unlucky staff who found themselves jobless during the time the Y was closed. Some good cheer is in order for them, I think -- starting with a card and a holiday tip. I'm sure the gesture will not be expected, but this year, it will be especially appreciated.

Bonnie Dubson