Jay walking on Post Road has become a local sport. Unfortunately a Fairfield man recently lost his life as he tried to cross the road in front of Shake Shack. To solve the jay-walking problem, the town and state have decided to install a cross walk at the corner of Bulkley Avenue and Post Road. The reported cost is $50,000, with construction to begin shortly as it is already marked off on the road.

This project raises several questions.

How was the proposed location selected? The location would require people using it to get to or from Shake Shack to walk a significant distance on either side of the road.

Who will be responsible for injuries when people will be required to walk about 300 feet along the south side of Post Road where there is no sidewalk?

How dangerous is it to use when it will require walkers to navigate three major driveway entrances going into either the Mercury station or the Home Goods shopping center?

More importantly who or how will someone convince people to use the cross walk and not continue to jay walk to the Shake Shack as they have in the past?

Maybe someone should reconsider this project to make it more effective and safer.

Fred Hunter