I write this letter in support state Rep. Jonathan Steinberg's candidacy of for re-election.

I have known Jon for more than a decade, since I first moved to Westport and joined a regular Sunday morning pickup softball game in which I believe Jon had been playing since the game was invented. Jon immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable, even when I struck out or couldn't hit the curve. As a team leader and captain, Jon led by example -- keeping a cool and calm head when others got hot. It's not that he wasn't competitive -- he hit hard and played to win -- but he knew that the same players who opposed him that morning might be on his team next week. Softball was serious business but not worth pulling a hamstring, and definitely not worth losing a friend.

Although I've never seen Jon at work in the legislature, I've seen the results. I can also imagine the man from our Sunday games (dressed slightly less casually) commanding respect from colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Jon is like that. He doesn't have to yell. He just focuses his attention on the things that are important, and everyone else takes two steps back. It's not that we're afraid; we just don't want Jon to hit one over our heads. Because then we'll have to watch him run, and it isn't pretty. I sincerely hope the voters of Westport will return him to an office where he can't wear shorts.

Cameron Stracher