I see that another home (17 Owenoke Park) has applied to the Historic District Commission for permission to be torn down.

This house was built in 1938 and has been a pillar in this historic neighborhood for over 50 years. It is also a noted site for many who visit Compo Beach, viewing it from the Sound side, as you drive through Compo. Visitors to the beach, boaters and vacationers take photos of the Sound, featuring this home, sitting prominently above on the rocky bulk-head. For decades, it has been featured on postcards and in the background of many scenes in photographs of our town. It is part of our landscape in Westport and not just a random old house.

I realize my argument is weak and that my words may seem trite, that in Westport money brings access and with that admittance enters a power that is often too difficult to challenge. Personally, this is a sad situation not only for me, but for the future of this town.

For many years, people of all backgrounds (wealthy, famous and ordinary people alike) have called Westport home. Now it has turned into a place where only the uber-rich, busting in with their shiny dollars and bought ideas, disregard so much of what made this town special, plowing down anything they deem not fancy enough, leaving in their wake a community forever changed. A history that is torn apart as quickly as the new homes are built. It would be a shame to see this home on Owenoke ripped apart like many others.

Long gone is the idea of being a steward for a home. Of understanding the legacy of a neighborhood and community. What about the notion of purchasing a property, updating it to include all the luxuries of today, while maintaining what made it a piece of history in the first place? It seems to me that imagination and creativity are checked at the door when the keys are handed to the new owner.

Wendy Bradley

former 26-year resident of Owenoke Park

Woodstock Valley