On June 6, Dan Woog hosted the Staples Tuition Grants annual awards ceremony. It was an incredible evening, with donors, student recipients, committee members and community supporters all catching up and sharing stories.

Dan reminded us that this a unique organization which has grown from granting $100 in 1943 to $314,000 this year. Grants were given to 111 Staples High School graduates, 30 of them in the Class of 2012. It is that generosity and this organization that helps to make Westport the truly special community that it is.

We were also fortunate to have Dan Donovan, Class of 1982, as the guest speaker. As an enthusiastic graduate of Staples, parent of Staples students and STG supporter through the Douglas Donovan Memorial Award, Dan has been a real champion for STG.

Our student speaker, Danielle Jenkins, showed tremendous poise and appreciation. Danielle graduated from SHS in 2011 and attends Southern Connecticut State University. She is majoring in accounting and is actively involved in campus life.

Contributions to STG continue to help SHS seniors and graduates with demonstrated financial need close the gap between tuition costs and what students are able to afford. All donations, both small and large, were given with the common goal of aiding deserving Staples graduates. Whether as a response to a mailing, a celebration, or a tribute to a loved one, all donations support the mission of STG: That no Staples High School graduate be denied a college education and a brighter future because of financial need.

STG has grown tremendously because of our donors and through the strength of our very hard-working, all-volunteer organization. We look forward to the continued support of the Westport community, which has so generously helped our deserving Staples graduates pursue their dreams. For more information on Staples Tuition Grants, or to donate, please visit www.staplestuitiongrants.org .

Arlene Doherty

AnnMarie Massie


Staples Tuition Grants