As a resident of Westport for 20-plus years, I have come to know many people in our town in many different capacities. Our family has never been shy about the responsibility that we have felt to do more than just "reside" in the confines of town. We have always believed that each of us should do whatever we could to make a significant contribution to our community and help those in town and beyond who have not been as blessed. The form of that contribution has come in a number of different ways thru involvement in organizations like the Sons of Italy, Family Y, Staples High School and a significant commitment to Al's Angels. It is no easy task to find people who are selfless and willing to do the tough work involved in achieving goals and objectives.

I am blessed to know Steve Rubin. Steve has a long list of credentials that chronicle the amazing commitment he has made to our town in the last two decades. You can go to his website; to review the finer details of his incredible dedication to the people of this town. I write today to speak of the quality of this man that makes him an excellent candidate for State Representative from the 136th District.

Steve has not met a challenge too difficult, a barrier too high, a roadblock too difficult that he cannot champion above it and reeach his goal or objective. He has an insatiable desire to see things through regardless of the obstacle. His passion for getting things done is inspiring to all of us that have come to know him over the years. He doesn't commit to achieving something without an intense level of accountability in actually getting it done.

In these days as the election draws near, the candidacy of Steve Rubin is in stark contrast to the career politicians that we have seen for many years. Steve seeks this office to do only one thing: to serve the needs of the people of this town; to see that your will gets done in Hartford . He understands that he would serve as State Representative under your mandate. In Steve Rubin, you have a candidate that truly would have your best interests in mind as he went about his work in Hartford. In Steve Rubin you have someone who understands that it is all about results and achievement. Nothing else matters.

I have have known Steve for many years, and he is much more than an incredible member and friend of Al's Angels ( Steve is a kindred spirit to all of us -- all of us who believe we have a responsibility to help those in desperate need in our community and beyond. Steve Rubin cares about the needs of the people of this town. When we vote this Election Day, Let's send Steve to Hartford to get things done for the people of this great town.

Al DiGuido