In response to the March 4 Woog's World column, "More than a passing interest in a failing school," I too have more than a passing interest.

My husband was and I still am a mentor at the Brookside School in Norwalk. The school is not a failure. The federal No Child Left Behind program is failing, not only at Brookside but throughout the country. I agree with Ron Berler that Principal Hay has a passion to make his school the best it can be. So does Robin Rockafellow, the social worker, who not only follows up with the families both in school and out but also has lunch each day with small groups of children who need special attention.

In addition to Mr. Morey, whom Mr. Berler cited as superb, there is Mrs. Bohrer who's creativity and spontaneity captures the attention and interest of her students. Mrs. Bernstein's music program and Mr. Downey's gym classes are a few more of the pluses at the school. The fourth grades go to see the "The Nutcracker" at Christmastime, and the fifth grades soon will be going to a concert at Carnegie Hall.

It is unfortunate that some of the students' families are not able to utilize the programs that are available to them. None the less, it was upsetting to have the Brookside School cited as the prime example of 45,000 failing schools.

Ruth Winnick