This letter turns out to be nearly the opposite of the one I originally intended, given the outcome.

I went to vote early (the morning of Aug. 14), as I have done every Election Day for nearly 20 years (except one) here in the cradle of our union, only to be turned away.

Apparently, I no longer existed. The election officials at Long Lots School could not have been more sympathetic or warm. Much effort was made to understand and correct what they believed was an error -- including calling one of the registrars of voters, Robert Lasprogado. (I tried to make a deal: If they could do the same with the IRS rolls, they would never see me again. No dice.)

I was told I'd have to re-register before I could vote again -- certainly I would be denied a vote that day.

Later that morning, a very busy Mr. Lasprogado called my home to explain I could indeed return to vote, and that my registration was restored. It seems he was disturbed enough to follow-up on this one individual voter's denial of rights and discovered that when my twin brother recently moved to Stamford, the computer read the last name and date of birth and added my name to his address, casting him into oblivion and deleting me from my home (not sure how my wife would react).

Come the General Election, I'm putting a write-in vote for Robert Lasprogado.

Norman R. Klein