I have been a Westport resident for almost 30 years, live in the "Old Hill Historic District" and have seen many changes in our town ... many that haven't enhanced what I used to think was a charming place to live.

I certainly understand change, but have been greatly disappointed with what I consider the lowering of standards and rules, particularly with reference to the changes that have been allowed to some of our most historic and treasured homes.

Who is in charge here? Our beautiful Christ and Holy Trinity Cemetery, which I often walk through has a beautiful white picket fence that has decayed and broken. I have often seen, through the years, the town maintaining it by painting, etc. Now the town (or someone) has decided to replace the fence altogether with the ugliest split rail fence I have ever seen. Not only is it unsightly but so inappropriate to our "Historic District" and what it represents ... Why? And who is making these very important aesthetic decisions? I am so crestfallen by this change and disappointed that no one seems to care about these important details in our town.

I hope that someone will see this letter and re-evaluate and rethink this decision as well as decisions to come.

Robin Liotta