The Coalition for Westport wishes to thank those 20 RTM members who accepted the unanimous findings of the entire RTM Planning and Zoning Committee, and had the vision and understanding to vote to overturn the Planning and Zoning Commission decision on Baron's South. While the vote fell four votes shy of the two-thirds required to reverse the P&Z decision, a very high hurdle, a majority of the RTM clearly felt the P&Z overstepped its bounds.

The coalition's petition was brought because the actions of the P&Z did not represent good government practice and did not reflect well on the town of Westport. The RTM P&Z Committee came to the same conclusion. CFW has, since its inception, advocated for open discussion and a full airing of views on all issues affecting our town.

The coalition is a strong proponent of open space as are many of those RTM members who voted to overturn the P&Z decision, and the RTM P&Z Committee members. Their votes recognized that the ends do not always justify the means. Good government is a shared treasure for Westporters and takes precedence over the goal of any single issue.

Hopefully that message is clear regardless of the final tally. Voters will have an opportunity to voice their views on restoring integrity to the process at the ballot box in November's election.

Jo Ann Davidson

Secretary and lead petitioner

Coalition for Westport

Denise Torve


Coalition for Westport