While I really would love to see a movie theater in Westport again, after having five a few years back, I'm not sure how they plan on building a theater in the back parking lot of stores and offices.

Now please don't yell at me, but I think someone needs to point out to the initiative that the businesses at 142 to 148 Main have deeded parking spaces in their rental agreements, and the restaurant has deeded space for their dumpsters. I know Tavern has eight spots deeded, Coldwell Banker has five, Addison Wells has two, Brandy Melville has three and the offices above Tavern have two. So after the space for 20 cars and the two dumpsters, where is this building going to be built?

Unless Westport Cinema Initiative plans on finding and paying for 20 car parking spots and a close enough dumpster location for the restaurant, I just don't see how anything back there is feasible.

I'd love if someone had ideas or something concrete in regard to the parking and this theater building happening together.

I'm a member of SAG-AFTRA, so I do work in movies, so I'm still hoping for a return of a Fine Arts in Westport!

PJ Letersky