I am voting for Dave Press, one of the three Coalition for Westport candidates running for Planning & Zoning Commission. His tenacity in convincing the other commissioners to change the regulations to allow more restaurants to open in Westport deserves to be rewarded with your vote.

During the more than 20 years I have lived in Westport, I have often enjoyed going out to restaurants with family or friends. More often than not this meant traveling to Fairfield or Norwalk where there was more choice in types of food, quality and price range. Our old zoning regulations made it all but impossible for a businessman to open a new restaurant in Westport and succeed.

Mr. Press, during his eight years on the P&Z Commission recognized this and saw how it constrained evening activity in the commercial zones and made for a less vibrant town. The old regulations also made it harder for the existing restaurants to expand, and their moving to a "better" location within Westport was not an option.

Since the P&Z commission followed Dave Press's lead and changed the rules over two years ago, new restaurants have been opening in Westport almost every month. All of us can enjoy more variety in dining out in Saugatuck, Downtown and along the Post Road thanks to Dave Press's initiative.

We need to put Dave Press back to work for us on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Keith Levitt