I am writing to endorse David Press for Planning & Zoning Commissioner in this year's election. He and his family moved to Westport 28 years ago, and we have been neighbors and friends since. After having served on the P&Z Commission from 2003 thru 2011, Dave has decided to run again this year.

During his eight years, I had the opportunity to see up close, as an alternate for two years, how Dave was diligent and fair in dealing with applications. Setting partisanship aside, he thought of what was in the best interests of the Town as a whole, and considered the needs of the residents now and in the future.

The recent increase in the number and diversity of restaurants in Westport is a direct result of a change in the zoning regulations that he proposed and championed. That one change has made a material difference, adding new dining choices and Dave Press was the originator of the idea!

From the time it was included in the 2007 Town Plan of Conversation and Development, that Dave Press worked on, he supported the idea and recognized the value of lights at the Staples High School field. These things don't happen by accident. Someone has to think ahead. For eight years, Dave Press was that kind of person.

This year vote for him for P&Z on election day. Westport will be a better off if you do.

Cheryl Bliss