I've lived on Main Street in Westport for more than 10 years. Shorty after we moved in, we were sent a message by the post office to move our mail box close to the street. That, in my opinion, was the start of the problem.

This demand was so that the mail deliverer could more easily access the box from the truck. So far, so good. However, the result has been that every day the mail truck drives onto the sidewalk so that the driver can reach the box without leaving the truck. And by driving up onto the side walk it has steadily caused the destruction of the asphalt walk in front of my house.

But not just in front of my house. If you walk toward town from the intersection of Weston and Easton roads with Main Street, you see the same crumbled sidewalk in front of every mailbox.

I am a responsible homeowner who pays taxes. As the walk in front of my house continues to deteriorate, I want to know who is responsible for repairing this mess created by the Postal Service.

Jeffery M. Silberman