To the Editor:

Last Friday, Oct. 14th, the monthly Jeans Day at Fairfield Woods Middle School instead became Pink Day.

The teachers of Fairfield Woods Middle School every month hold a Jeans Friday to raise money for different charities of their choosing.

This month, the teachers at Fairfield Woods wanted to be a part of Fairfield’s Paint the Town Pink celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness and join in the Pink Pledge, so the designated charity was the Norma Phriem Breast Care Center. Two groups in the middle school teamed up together to organize and promote the fundraiser amongst both teachers and students. The Sunshine Committee, lead by teacher Susan Costa, which orchestrates the monthly Jean Friday, was approached by The Peer Mentor’s Club, started by teachers Kristen Chase, Jill DuGiud and Liz Toal. Because the mission of the Peer Mentor Club is to help student facilitators promote activities that spread kindness and foster friendship, the teachers who lead it thought this would be a great way for students to do some good while also promoting awareness.

Jill DuGuid, an art teacher at Woods and her mother, Vicki DuGuid, a secretary in the main office and a breast cancer survivor herself, came up with the idea. Because they, and the teachers at Woods, suffered the loss of colleague and friend Maureen Minnick four years ago to breast cancer, they felt compelled to act. They got in touch with the Norma Phriem Breast Cancer Center and were sent boxes of pink bracelets.

Under the guidance of their teacher leaders, Peer Mentor Facilitators went to classrooms and sold bracelets to students and teachers for $2 each and donations came in, as well, for a total of $752 for the Breast Care Center. This amount was substantially better than prior years and the money will be used to provide breast care and early detection for all women regardless of their ability to pay.

Margaret Murphy

Murphy is a social studies teacher at Fairfield Warde High School.