Joan McIver wrote that she will reluctantly "bow to discouragement and old age" and no longer join the weekly Wetport protest of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan ("Protester bowing out, urges troop withdrawl," April 3).

She is done standing on the Bridge every Saturday. She has been there for many years and is one of the really faithful protesters.

I understand why she is "done!" We were all so certain that President Obama would make different decisions about continuing the war that we stopped the Vigil for a couple of months after he was inaugurated to give him time to make a difference.

Well, that was four years ago. We restarted our Vigil when Obama sent additional troops to Afghanistan in the hope that a surge similar to the one in Iraq would help. Nothing has helped. We are in a worse place than we were before. A few weeks ago President Karzai demanded that we withdraw all troops from Wardak Province and turn over control of Bagram Prison immediately!

Of course, that did not happen. Just look at the angry faces of the people in Kabul, protesting our presence in The New York Times photo on March 17. They hate us and they hate the U.S. occupation of their country.

I don't blame them. I also hate this occupation of their country. They now have a fake Democratic administration that can pay for all we pay for. They have hundreds of thousands of poppy fields under the able administration of the brother of President Karzai. A very lucrative national export product.

I will miss Joan and Don Bergmann. But I see no way to stop reminding people of the deadly, costly, insane war we are in.

Estelle T. Margolis