Last week, the Westport News ran a story about the emergence of the Coalition for Westport and the race for P&Z seats this November ("Race for P&Z seats pits Democrats against 2 indendent slates," Aug. 16).

Sidney Kramer, the chairman of Save Westport Now, was asked for his opinion on the performance of the current commission. He stated that the current P&Z was "doing well" and that "what they haven't publicized is what they've been doing behind the scenes in the way of planning." If this is true, it is very troubling.

In criticizing certain conduct of the P&Z majority in January, a Westport News editorial rightly declared that "The public's business must be conducted in public." It went on to chastise back room deals or even the appearance of them.

What does Mr. Kramer mean by "behind the scenes" and how does he know what is taking place there? More importantly, what has the P&Z been doing? If work has been done in private, the results must be unveiled. These questions should be asked and answered by the appropriate parties.

The Coalition for Westport advocates planning for Westport's tomorrow. Its candidates support open and nonpartisan discussion of new projects and physical improvements that enhance the town's appearance, quality of life, and value to its residents. But it also has an active, not static, vision for Westport's future. Its candidates want the P&Z to be proactive and to help provide a framework for future growth so that development may be controlled.

Michael A. Nayor, chairman

Coalition for Westport