I grew up in Westport and was up to see my parents here for the Memorial Day weekend. I am contemplating moving back to town. I've been flying a kite at Compo Beach on and off for 34 years, mostly in the grassy outfield of the baseball field when nobody is using it.

On Memorial Day, a bureaucratic lady driving an official-looking green cart told me I could not fly a kite there. I was with my 7- and 14-year-old boys. We took down our rainbow-colored kite early when I saw her talking with a police officer.

Later I asked a couple of nice lifeguards and they said we were supposed to fly kites on the grass or the western beach, where there are no lifeguards. In short, according to what the lifeguards said, the officious person on the cart was wrong.

I have seen the same officious attitude from people working at Longshore. Folks pay a lot in taxes to live in Westport. The town should only hire and elect people who respect our right to be left alone to enjoy nature on a beautiful day. What's next -- banning lemonade stands? Westport should value common sense and creating childhood memories more than what I encountered yesterday.

Ben Meyer

Wynnewood, Pa.