There are few if any absolutes in life. The experience of Westporters during Hurricane Sandy should be measured not by the instant recovery we hoped for, but by the continuing suffering of those in places like Staten Island, Breezy Point, the rest of the Rockaways and parts of the Jersey shore.

Gene Cederbaum wrote an excellent letter to the editor putting our own situations in perspective ("Valuable lessons learned in Sandy's aftermath," Nov. 14). Yes, CL&P could have done a better job, yes we were inconvenienced and in some instances damage to our property and persons was serious. But we are recovering and CL&P was fairly responsive.

We are not entitled to any quicker response to our problems than residents of Fairfield, Weston or Greenwich. Setting up CL&P as the whipping boy and whining about how frustrated we are and how CL&P will be held accountable is senseless and hollow posturing. Municipalities and utilities need to work together to accomplish the speediest recovery possible. We pride ourselves in being self sufficient. Establishing a trained citizen-volunteer responder corps to augment Westport's first responders could be a first step. Brainstorming for additional ideas instead of preparing to rake CL&P over the coals seems to be a far more productive course of action, both at the municipal and state levels.

Michael Nayor