Your article about a proposed bed and breakfast in the Nov. 14 issue (Greens Farms bed-and-breakfast proposal not getting neighborly welcome") is mind boggling on two fronts.

First, that the Wilcoxes, the couple proposing the B&B, are egocentric enough to request a townwide zone change because they perceive a dismal real estate market for a home they bought in 1986 and which, regardless of the market, has increased in value some 10 times since that purchase.

Secondly, it is shocking that Larry Bradley, our town planner would accept such an application for review in the first place.

Courts can reject frivolous lawsuits and so, too, can land-use authorities reject frivolous land-use applications.

That Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox are avaricious enough to try and impact the town with a neighborhood-damaging zone change is simply a window on their willingness to abuse community-minded land use. That Larry Bradley, entrusted with husbanding our Town Plan of Development, would accept such an application, presents a window on misfeasance.

Though land-use commissions must present reasonable bases for the denial of most applications before them, no such burden is imposed on the denial of a zone change request, which can be rejected without presenting any reasons at all.

It would be wise for Mr. Bradley to at least inform the commission of that fact, and it would be wise of the commission to act on it.

Dan Katz