I think that most of us in Westport would agree that CL&P overpromised and under-delivered with respect to Hurricane Sandy. As our first selectman pointed out in his nightly calls, the utility promised that it was prepared for this storm, that it had crews on call, and this time would be different (CL&P has a similar claim on its website from back in August).

Then the storm hit, and we found out that they had prepared very little and did not have the crews that we were promised. The result was long power outages, inadequate help and immense frustration for all of us here in Westport.

So it was more than astounding to receive an email from CL&P today which stated, "We believe that our advance planning, our commitment to safety, our enhanced tree trimming and maintenance programs, and our decision to enlist outside resources in advance of the storm made this a manageable event."

Oh, really? Manageable to whom?

It may be time to turn out the management of CL&P, perhaps as a matter of law for neglect of the responsibility of a public utility. Our governor and attorney general should be interested. CL&P's negligence put lives at risk, and they seem to feel that they did nothing wrong and owe us nothing more than what they did. That's unacceptable.

Kent Bernard