Westport over the next several years will be dealing with a number of major development efforts. Projects such as Bedford Square, the library expansion, the Levitt Pavilion, the Y at Mahackeno, Save the Children Redevelopment, and a new downtown cinema will be happening over the next two to four years.

Jim Marpe has shown an in-depth understanding of the planning issues that we on the Planning and Zoning Commission face. He has been supportive of the townwide traffic study, which will begin the day after Election Day. Jim will work co-operatively with all the town approval bodies in assuring that the multiple projects which are in the works will be implemented smoothly, while retaining the small town character of Westport.

I know that Jim had a successful professional career at Accenture, and has been an active board member of many local organizations. I'm looking forward to working with Jim as we continue to plan for all of Westport in the coming years.

Please vote for Jim Marpe and Avi Kaner.

Cathy Walsh, chairman

Westport Planning

and Zoning Commission