I have known Jim for almost 20 years. Early on, I had the pleasure of serving with Jim when he was the moderator of the Greens Farms Church council. I remember being very impressed with his willingness to listen to others and his rare ability to get a lasting consensus from sometimes very differing, points of view. At the time he struck me as an unusually effective leader. Clearly a very bright person with well thought out views, but also a person with a desire to understand other folks' points of view and a willingness to modify his perspective when it made sense.

Jim has shown a remarkable dedication to the Town of Westport and to its citizens. His service and leadership on the Board of Education (probably a job few of us would relish), clearly demonstrates his ability to effectively balance our town's need to deliver a first class public educational opportunity to our children with its need to do so in a fiscally responsible way.

Jim Marpe has demonstrated care, loyalty and dedication throughout his entire life. From the early days at Case Western Reserve and Wharton, his professional career at Accenture, to his family life and his public service, Jim has always believed in doing the right thing. We should be so lucky.

Pat McNeela