Marpe measures up

by multiple standards

You can learn a lot about someone from observing them in three arenas. My wife Sarah and I have known Jim Marpe for over 15 years in a variety of settings over that time. What has always been impressive is Jim's strength of character, his concern for others and the way he consistently steps up to lead and get things done in whatever organization of which he is part.

We first saw this where Jim played a leading role in a number of committees at our Greens Farms Congregational church, including the most important and sensitive job of heading up the search committee for a new minister.

As our children attended Westport schools, we paid close attention to the Board of Education. When Jim served for eight years and ultimately was chairman, we were always impressed with his calm, thoughtful and professional leadership.

Finally, as a golf partner you sometimes see a side of people otherwise unknown. I'm happy to report that Jim plays golf with a conservative, steady and focused manner and manages to maintain a cool temperament despite the most trying of circumstances.

I am confident that as first selectman, Jim would successfully manage and improve our town utilizing all the professional skills and experience from his management-consulting career at Accenture. I guarantee the golfers in town that with Jim, they will have someone in town hall who really cares about the sorry state of Longshore and who will fix it!

Tony Menchaca