All of the news over the past week has been rather depressing, especially seeing first hand the horrible damage and pain Mother Nature foisted on Westport. However out of all of the bad news there was some really good news for the citizens of Westport, and that was that Jim Marpe was going to run for First Selectman.

Jim did not ask me to write this letter, and, in fact, I have not really talked to Jim since he embarrassed me on the golf course several years ago. However I have been closely following Jim's involvement in the town over the past several years. Jim has all the skills necessary to be a first-class, successful leader for the town of Westport.

I believe Jim's ideas on what he wants for our town will be well honed in logic and what is best for the town, regardless of political affiliation. Jim brings many skills from his distinguished business backround that will truely benefit the town of Westport and help it move forward.

I felt compelled to write this letter because this guy really is the real deal and is destined to become the next first slectman for Westport.

Tom Bloch