Westport is a community where what we do is up close and personal and no one should be dismissed because they do not share the political views of the incumbent regime.

If there is one quality that Jim Marpe, candidate for first selectman, possesses in abundant measure it is respect for opinions which may or may not be in line with his own. Jim instinctively appreciates that Westport's government is, or at least can and should be, about inclusion.

He exercised that vision as the successful manager of large, disparate talent pools as a partner at Accenture Consulting. It was the hallmark of his tenure on the Westport Board of Education. It is the way Jim Marpe works with everyone he meets - friends, acquaintances, members of the many organizations of which he is an active part.

Jim does more than listen to differing opinions, he takes advantage of them to build better solutions. A vote for Jim Marpe for first selectman is the best vote you can cast in your own self-interest and for the future of Westport, regardless of your affiliation or affinity.

John Krubski